03 November 2018

Tue, Sep 4 2018 11:41

Zsuzsanna Serer 'Culture of Dracula, Bulbophyllum, and Epidendrum' 

 13:30 Doors open

14:30 Speaker: Zsuzsanna Serer - Culture of Dracula, Bulbophyllum, and Epidendrum

Zsuzsanna Serer is the popular retailer from Spicesotic plants on eBay. She will be giving us a talk on Dracula, Bulbophyllum, and Epidendrum culture. Zsuzsanna is a trained horticulturist and agronomist who studied in Hungary. She moved to England about 15 years ago to study English and never left. Whilst a keen herb grower, she has since developed a growing interest in orchids. About 3 years ago along with her partner they set up Spicesotic plants that operates online.

Zsuzsanna will be bringing plants with her to sell and is very good at sourcing plants, so it is worth checking if you could pre-order some plants that you may have been after for a long time. Her email is spicesoticplants @ hotmail.com; Link to eBay store: https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/spicesoticplants