Lecture topic for 2 July 2016

Thu, Jun 23 2016 05:06
Our guest speaker at Napier Hall on 2 July will be Philip Seaton who will be talking about the Orchids and their conservation in China.

A lecturer in biology by profession, Philip’s interest in orchids began as an amateur grower almost thirty years ago, and he soon became involved in the scientific aspects of orchid conservation in general, and the problems of setting up orchid seed banks in particular. Philip received the degree of Master of Philosophy in 1985 for researches into orchid seed storage, and changes in the gaseous composition of the atmosphere within culture flasks. He has subsequently pursued his interest in the storage of orchid germplasm whenever possible, with Hugh Pritchard of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. He has had published more than eighty popular and scientific articles on a wide range of orchid related topics.

He is currently leading the orchid project at the King Charles I School in Kidderminster.

Doors open at 13:30 and the lecture will begin at 14:30.  There will be a table show, raffle and refreshments as usual.