Flasks from Barrita Orchids by Scott Barrie

Tue, Aug 16 2016 11:55
It is my pleasure to offer growers in the UK the latest in Sarcochilus development through this listing. Flasks contain 25 plants planted. Descriptions are expressed in terms of expectancy. Due to the complex nature of these hybrids unforseen expressions may occur. Please email orders to scott@barritaorchids.com.au before september 30, 2016. Cost per flask is £65 and includes freight and documents. please follow Barrita Orchids, Kulnura on Facebook for updates on what's happening.

E186 Madge 'Free' HCC/AOC x Kulnura High 'Multi'

Superior line of the popular "Poached Egg" style (yellow centered white flowers). Very productive plants of award shape held on upright stems.

E170 Bunyip 'Salmon' x Parma 'Lemon'

Wonderful development of the albino yellow line from this cross. Expect 50% yellow from this matching. The remainder will be orange, red and pink.

E069 Kulnura Sanctuary 'GeeBee' AM/AOC x Roberta 'Good Yellow'

This is an interesting cross of the fabulous awarded 'GeeBee' combined with the albino Roberta. I expect to see a range of colours from oranges though to deep pinks. Full round shapes on arching stems.

 E127 Elegance 'Super' x Sweetheart 'Speckles'

Exact remake of the famous Kulnura Dragonfly. Full shaped patterned flowers of the highest quality. These are my favourite colour style.

 E030 Elegance 'Super' x Peace 'On Earth' AM/AOC

These will be long arching spikes of full shaped, patterned flowers with exceptional texture. Recommended for those who like great diversity of flower patterns.

E212 Kulnura Dazzel 'Deep Velvet' x Bunyip 'Forest Fruit'

These are exciting! 50% deep red, the remainder will vary from pink through to purple. When combining the Bunyip line with reds like 'Deep Velvet' we have seen excellent improvement in size of flower and vigour in the plant growth.

 E039 Kulnura Sanctuary 'Dash' x Kulnura Lady 'Velvet'

Exceptionally dark red flowers! Some from the cross will have white flashes in the outer segments. The form will be fully filled in and show overall roundness. Highly desirable result from this cross.

E206 Kulnura Roundup 'Multi spot' x Kulnura Gizmo 'Big'

I love the spotted style: so busy! These are two of the biggest in our purple spotted line. Expect open shaped flowers on arching stems.

E193 Kulnura Kaliedescope 'BK' x Amber 'Gold'

Lovely peach yellow flowers from this cross. There will also be a small percentage of pinks and possibly some reds. This is due to the nature of the Kaliedescope influence, as some of the orange Sarcs do not appear to be albino. Time will tell.

Kulnura Kaliedescope 'Yellow' x Roberta 'Good Yellow'

These will be some of the most gorgeous lemon yellows we have seen so far. Expect very productive plants covered in spikes of albino yellow flowers. 100% yellows from this cross.

E123 Kulnura Kaliedescope 'Yellow' x Nugget 'Solid Gold'

As part of our continued development of this genera, we are creating a line of deep golden yellow albino flowers. In this cross we are looking to bring the exceptional vigour and prolific flowering of the Kaliedescope line with the deep golden yellow of this Nugget. Expect 100% yellows held on upright spikes from this cross.