Mr Merih Dedeler

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Get to know me

I am a huge nature lover, passionate about growing plants and am enjoying learning about orchids and being part of OSGB. I grew up in south of Turkey where I was fascinated by the typical Mediterranean landscape covered with maquis and pine trees. It is also home to many Ophrys and Orchis species. I am an architectural designer and moved to UK three years ago to study landscaping. Since then I have been working on residential projects but whenever I have the time, I am involved with plants, reading about plants or talking to plants! Growing plants under the Mediterranean sun is something I really miss here and since I do not have a garden, I grow orchids and other tropical plants in my flat, as many as it can be fitted on my windowsills. I have a particular interest in growing paphiopedilums and nowadays I am trying to get some experience with stanhopeas. One day (hopefully in the near future) I would like to travel with the aim of seeing species in their natural habitats.