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In my career I have served for lengthy time periods as a senior team member or manager and have a proven track record of delivering large projects. This involved structuring teams, hiring the right people for the job, analysing requirements and estimating key deliveries. Recently I have taken over as product owner for a project dealing with the European Union legislation for investment intermediaries that provide services to clients around financial instruments and have delivered key functionality. I hope I can bring a ‘can do’ attitude to the OSGB. I have owned orchids for most of my life as easy-to-grow house plants and became more interested in them a couple of years ago while searching for information on how to repot one. Information available on the internet opened my eyes to the vast world of orchids and their fantastic properties. My collection has grown from just a few to a couple of hundred, and now I hope I can further the Society’s objectives to promote orchid growing as a hobby and make people as passionate about orchids as I have become myself.

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