Paul Knight

Committee Member


Get to know me

I was a member of the OSGB sometime in the 1980s but house-buying, raising an adoptive family and drag-racing all eventually put paid to my orchid-growing. However, the passion for orchids never left me and now I am back in the fold, growing plants. Previously I had a mixed collection, but the difficulties of meeting the cultural requirements of genera from Masdevallia to Cattleya meant they all grew well, but not quite well enough. On my return to growing I met Mike Buckingham at an OSGB meeting and got chatting – the rest is history. I now specialise in Masdevallia and have a 5 x 3m dwarf-wall aluminium greenhouse where my collection resides. I thought I would concentrate on Masd. coccinea clones but I have been seduced by the wonderful hybrids that are now available, and have started a hybridising programme of my own.