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Marcin Kulinski

Website Secretary


Get to know me

I will never forget winning a raffle at my very first OSGB meeting and picking up a massive Phragmipedium longifolium var. hincksianum ‘Embrace’. This definitely kept me coming back and fuelled my obsession with orchids. I have met some wonderful people along the way who encouraged me to get involved in the Society. Apart from a huge collection of orchids, I grow carnivorous plants and other unusual house and garden plants. I am also fascinated by the scientific side of growing and experiment with many non-organic mediums like Leca, Growstones, Seramis, rockwool, Hygrolon etc. One day I would love to learn about cloning procedures and study and understand plants’ DNA. For about two years now I have been responsible for arranging the delivery and coordination of all the fibre, 4G and satellite feeds for Sky Sports News as well as providing technical expertise to my colleagues, working long 12-hour shifts in front of multiple screens – giving me a great opportunity to find plenty of time to work remotely for the OSGB. Back in Poland, I worked at first for the opera, building sets and airbrushing the costumes. When I first moved to London, I trained as a coffee expert, organising corporate events and successfully opening new catering outlets and restaurants. I also managed the internal website and marketing, providing banners, posters for events and uploading articles. During this period, I was also part of the huge Sky Ocean Rescue project. That was a life-changing experience, opening my eyes to the many problems affecting our planet. With my experience and a strong can-do attitude, I hope I will be a valuable addition to the Committee.

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