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Hampton Court and July update

Dear all,

Apologies for the delays publishing the June Table Show. We were all very busy and it has proven very difficult to get together and stay on top of the deadlines. We will most likely merge July and August into one display so please keep sending your plants as you do already.

As most of you probably know already we have attended the Hampton Court Garden Festival earlier this month with a display and team of volunteers spreading the word of the society and talking to the public all orchids.

You can view the highlights of the festival on BBC iPlayer HERE

You will be able to see our display in episode 3 (around 44:07 if you want to scroll to it directly)

Many thanks to Galina for representing us during the show.

I am also extending my congratulations to Galina and the whole build team, and to all of the OSGB members whose orchids formed part of the amazing Gold Medal winning display.

The gallery section has now been updated with pictures from this event. Please, if you were attending and you'd like to share some pictures you have taken, email them to me on and they will be added to the gallery.

You can jump directly to the Hampton Court Garden Festival gallery HERE

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