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Chelsea FS - we need your help

We all experience challenges in life, never mind during the recent pandemic. Plants and gardening offer immense therapeutic relief, and this is Galina Boyse's concept for the OSGB's display at RHS Chelsea Flower Show in September.

The backdrop of the display will be a collection of short testimonies of the physical, mental and emotional benefits growing orchids brings us. For it to be as authentic and effective as possible, we'd like you to submit a statement of approximately 20 to 50 words in length. With your permission, we will include your first name only. Typed submissions are preferable, but scanned or legible handwritten ones are acceptable too.

Please email Galina at or post to her address listed in the Journal. The deadline is 22 August.

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1 Comment

How about this: "Not too much, not too little"

Sometimes I feel I am like an orchid. I need care, water and feeding... not too much and not too little. But take us from our preferred environment, that which we were designed for, lock us down away from the light, "safe" from the virus, then like orchids, we suffer. When we care for an orchid, we are caring for another living creature. It reminds us that we all are alive and that we all need water, food, light and care to survive. Not too much, not too little.

How else are we like an orchid? Maybe somebody will comment...

Orchids are ancient, more ancient than hominids. They are specialists, we…

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