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Online Table Shows

Current circumstances bred the idea of having our regular monthly Table Shows, normally held at Cole Court in Twickenham, online - so that our members can show each other the beauty of their plants from the comfort of their homes. Table Shows feature plants grown by our members, separated into classes, which are then judged by the officially certified OSGB judges, based on many criteria like the number of blooms, its shape, general health of the plant, etc.

We are looking for volunteers who could help with the Online Table Show. If you have some time to spare each month and basic computer knowledge, please let us know at 

How to enter your pictures

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced grower please send us the pictures of your plants, enter the competition and share with the others

To enter please email as stated below to :

  • Send up to 4 pictures of your plant. Make sure at least one of them shows the whole plant.

  • Ideally, please name the files 'Genera species - your first name last name'

  • Try to use a plain background, ie use a piece of cardboard behind the plant, a wall, cloth etc

  • Review the pictures and check if your plants look sharp and in focus


Sophronitis coccinea (1) s.jpg
Sophronitis coccinea (2) s.jpg

Picture of the whole plant

Bloom close-up

Meeson Nov 2020 Class 4 Cym Cream Showgi
Meeson Nov 2020 Class 4 Cym Cream Showgi
Meeson Nov 2020 Class 4 Cym Cream Showgi

Whole plant

Flower stalk

Individual flower close-up

Table shows by month

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