Judging classes

Only members of the OSGB are eligible to compete in monthly Table Shows, but the Spring and Autumn Shows are open to non-members.

At these latter shows rosettes will be awarded for first, second and third places in each class.
OSGB trophies will be awarded to members of the OSGB only. If the winner is not an OSGB member, a certificate will be awarded in place
of a trophy. Any plant entered in classes 1 to 39 must have been in the entrant’s possession for at least 12 months.

At the discretion of the judges, any class with numerous entries can be split and a new sub-class created if needed.
The Society reserves the right to amend the schedule as necessary according to any official reclassification of the genera etc.

Main classes featuring one plant:

Class 01 - Laeliinae species
Class 02 - Laeliinae hybrids, including intergeneric
Class 03 - Cymbidium species or hybrid
Class 04 - Dendrobium species
Class 05 - Dendrobium hybrids
Class 06 - Oncidiinae species
Class 07 - Oncidiinae hybrids, including intergeneric
Class 08 - Paphiopedilum species
Class 09 - Paphiopedilum hybrids
Class 10 - Phragmipedium species or hybrids
Class 11 - Phalaenopsis species
Class 12 - Phalaenopsis hybrids, including intergeneric
Class 13 - Vandeae species, excluding Phalaenopsis
Class 14 - Vandeae hybrids, including intergeneric but not those with Phalaenopsis
Class 15 - Pleurothallidinae species or hybrids, excluding Masdevallias
Class 16 - Masdevallia species or hybrids
Class 17 - Maxillariinae species
Class 18 - Maxillariinae hybrids, including intergeneric
Class 19 - Coelogyninae species or hybrids

Class 20 - Bulbophyllum species or hybrids
Class 21 - Other species not listed
Class 22 - Other hybrids not listed

Classes featuring the display of 3 and more plants together as a set:

Class 23 - 3 Laeliinae species and/or hybrids, including intergeneric

Class 24 - 3 Cymbidium species and/or hybrids

Class 25 - 3 Oncidiinae species and/or hybrids, including intergeneric
Class 26 - 3 Paphiopedilum species and/or hybrids

Class 27 - 3 Phragmipedium species and/or hybrids

Class 28 - 3 Phalaenopsis species

Class 29 - 3 Phalaenopsis hybrids, including intergeneric

Class 30 - 3 Pleurothallidinae species and/or hybrids

Class 31 - 3 Dendrobium species and/or hybrids

Class 32 - 3 species and/or hybrids of the same genus not listed above

Class 33 - 3 species and/or hybrids from different genera, not listed above

Class 34 - 4 species and/or hybrids from the same genus

Class 35 - 4 species and/or hybrids from different genera

Class 36 - 6 species and/or hybrids from the same genus

Class 37 - 6 species and/or hybrids from different genera

Class 38 - A group of orchids and ornamental plants, space allowed up to one square metre;

                  ornamental plants must not exceed 50% of the exhibit

Other classes:

Class 39 - 1 orchid species or hybrid, for a first-time First Prize winner in the Spring Show

Class 40 - 1 corsage or buttonhole (flowers used don't have to be grown by the exhibitor)

Please contact the Orchid Society of Great Britain via the Secretary:
Mrs Zane Rappa, e-mail: info@osgb.org.uk

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