Judging classes

Classes to be judged at all shows, including monthly table shows.

at the discretion of the judges, any class with numerous entries can be split and a new sub-class created if needed.

The Society reserves the right to amend the schedule as
necessary according to any official reclassification of the genera.
That means the schedule can be revised as necessary

01 Laeliinae species
02 Laeliinae hybrids, including intergeneric
03 Cymbidium species
04 Cymbidium hybrids
05 Dendrobium species
06 Dendrobium hybrids
07 Oncidiinae species
08 Oncidiinae hybrids, including intergeneric
09 Paphiopedilum species
10 Paphiopedilum hybrids
11 Phragmipedium species
12 Phragmipedium hybrids
13 Phalaenopsis species
14 Phalaenopsis hybrid, including intergeneric
15 Vandeae species, excluding Phalaenopsis
16 Vandeae hybrids, including intergeneric but not those with Phalaenopsis
17 Pleurothallidinae species
18 Pleurothallidinae hybrid, including intergeneric
19 Maxillarieae species
20 Maxillarieae hybrid, including intergeneric
21 terrestrial species or hybrid 

22 Bulbophyllum species

23 Bulbophyllum hybrids
23 Other species not listed
25 Other hybrids not listed
26 Species or hybrids usually grown for its decorative foliage, to be judged for its foliage only


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