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The library provides a range of books and periodicals devoted to orchids.

Books may be borrowed by members at our monthly meetings or by post.

The library contains some reference book, antiquarian books and journals which are not available for loan, but from which the librarian can research information for members on request. These books are marked with an asterisk (*) in the list.

The Society welcomes donations of books, particularly those which are out of print.

All books in the library which are given by members will show the name of the donor.


For all enquires about borrowing from, or donating books to, The OSGB Library,

please contact the librarian, Irene Campbell -

For all enquiries  regarding the  journals and magazines please contact

Rules and conditions under which members may borrow books from The OSGB Library listed below:

  1. Books may only be borrowed by paid up members.

  2. No member may borrow more than two books at one time.

  3. Books may be retained by the borrower for up to one month, although this may be extended on application to the librarian if books are not required by another member.

  4. The Committee regrets that books cannot be sent to members residing outside the British Isles.

  5. Members borrowing books by post will be requested to pay the postage both ways.

  6. Books returned to the library by post must be properly protected and packed.

  7. The loss of, or damage to, any book whilst in the possession of the borrower must be made good by him or her.

  8. Postal requests for information must be accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope, unless a book is being borrowed at the same time. Email requests are preffered.

  9. Books are expensive to post. Copies are available at most society meetings and shows on request. Please contact the librarian in advance if a particular book is required.

Please note you have to be a registered member to borrow the books



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