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Orchid travel

From time to time the OSGB offers excursions to orchid related events in the UK and Europe, as well as offering longer holidays to worldwide events and orchid-rich areas. People who do not wish to travel on their own will instantly be part of a group which shares a common interest. As all trips are open to non-members, members of the OSGB have the opportunity to enjoy the trips with their friends and relatives. Most trips will be of interest to both orchid enthusiasts and those with other interests. 
Trips to European orchid events are often made by coach, allowing plenty of room for general and orchid shopping. Where this is not possible, flights and accommodation will be arranged. International trips to events further afield, such as the World Orchid Congress, will be made by air with accommodation included.  All trips are arranged through fully licensed and insured tour operators.
Trips to countries to see orchids growing in their natural habitats will include a full itinerary of excursions to fully experience the country and its orchids. Not all these trips involve a lot of walking and many are suitable for all. Please enquire to find out exactly what each trip entails and if it is suitable for you.

Hiking in Sunset
Image by tamara garcevic
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