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Christmas meeting and photo competition

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Once again we have met in Napier Hall this December to have a little Christmas celebration and a photo competition. Sincere thanks to the whole committee for organising a successful event.

There was an abundance of festive food and mulled wine for everyone to enjoy.

Sally Mill gave a brief presentation about the upcoming trip to Ecuador organised by the OSGB. Mary-Jane Hawkins kept the entertainment going with an orchid quiz provided by Michael Radley, which members greatly enjoyed.

This year Erika Alexovics took charge of the photographic and art competition and rose to the challenge outstandingly. It seems that this competition is getting more and more popular every year; there were 33 entries in eight different classes. Julia Tchoudinova won the overall photographic competition for the second year running with her photograph of Acianthera polystachya (picture below)

This years winner Julia Tchoudinova in the picture with Erika Alexovics

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