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Important announcement

Updated: May 2, 2020


It will come as no surprise to you to hear that the OSGB meetings for the next three months are cancelled because of the social distancing and government guidelines of cancelling all gatherings. We will keep you updated once we have a confirmation of meetings beeing reinstated.

Our Management Team will be arranging for alternatives to the meetings and will keep you informed by email and by phone or post. Arrangements for the AGM will also be circulated as the June meeting is also cancelled.



In the meantime, we would like to continue with the Table Shows.

Please send clear, correctly labelled pictures of any of your orchids which you would like to enter into the judging to

All of the sent pictures will be

The deadline for April is Friday the 3rd and the results will be published before the end of the following weekend. Any entries sent after Friday will enter the competition for May



The Journal will be with you shortly. The deadline to send your articles for the next issue is June 1, and in the absence of any meetings, lectures or shows to report on, articles on culture and other subjects from you are needed.

Please send to our editor at



Please register on the website, using your email address and membership number, to view previous issues of the Journals and online lectures.

You can also register on our new forum and help get it started and breath some live into it. Please email all suggestions of new categories to

Please contact any member of the Management Committee if you have questions.

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