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June Results

Dear all,

The results for the plants sent in June are now published.

Full list of awarded plants can be seen directly at the months page or as a document here

You may have noticed some of the plants names are changed. This is due to us following the up to date official nomenclature for species, and going through the RHS Hybrid Register to see if any of your crosses were already registered.

You can find these and many other useful sites at the links page

It also came to my attention that the email address listed at the competition page had a typo in it. I apologise if any of you have tried to send your plants to me at the wrong address. Please, if you happen to be one of the unfortunate members who didn't manage to send their plants through - send you pictures to me again and they will be published in the following month. Please accept my sincere apologies for the mistake, and once again the correct email address is

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