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September News

Dear all,

The Table Show results are now published on the show's page.

Apologies it took us a little longer than usually. Unexpectedly September proved to be a very busy month for many of us.

Please keep sending your fantastic pictures to me for the following months. We will see how many pictures we have through the winter and potentially combine months if there isn't enough plants in the individual month.

In December we will hold the usual OSGB Picture competition online this year as well. (please send your entries to me on by the 14th of November. If you are submitting artwork it will have to be scanned or photographed) Most likely it will replace the usual Table Show, but as I mentioned please still keep sending your pictures as and when your plants bloom.

Considering the fact we cannot see when we will be able to reinstate the meetings at Napier Hall the usual yearly January OSGB auction will have to be delayed until we can meet in the hall. We will hold the usual zoom members meeting and a lecture in January instead.

Stay tuned for more details as we are still working on finalising as things change.

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