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Photography Competition

Dear all,

All the sent photographs and art for our annual competition have now been uploaded (as some of you have noticed already) You can click here to go directly to the related page.

Please take a minute to read how it will work this year. Since we have had a lot of entries and the voting will take place online, we had to make sure to find a suitable solution to make it possible. Please if anything isn't clear and you have trouble voting do let me know.

Since it's nearly December and 2021 marks the 70th Anniversary of the OSGB I have started a new page dedicated to the history of the society. The articles I have found that are related are all very lenghty so please bear with me as the page evolves and I collect more information, but those of you interested can have a look already here. The articles published there at the moment are from the special anniversary edition of the Journal published in 2001

Hope to see you all during the Christmas zoom meeting and don't forget to vote for you favourite photographs and art before you join.

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