Photography and Art Competition 2020

The competition is now closed. Big thank you all participating and congratulations to the winners. I hope we will get to meet in person for a Christmas Meeting next year.

Class 1 - Orchid photography

Please remember this class is divided into two parts 1-27 and 28-53. Pick one favourite in each group

01 Pleione gradiflora
02 Bulbophyllum eberhardtii
03 Cymbidium
04 "Bug's life"
05 Zygopetalum
06 Trisetella hoeijeri
07 Tiger orchid
08 Sobralia rosea
09 Phalaenopsis hybrid
10 Phragmipedium Peruflora’s Cirula Alca
11 Phragmipedium Asendorf Rose
12 Paphiopedilum Superset 'Eureka'
13 Phalaenopsis
14 "My guy"
15 Paphiopedilum helena
16 Paphiopedilum Wossner Black Wings
17 Phalaenopsis hybrid
18 Lycaste virginalis
19 Phalaenopsis hybrid
20 Paphiopedilum sukhakulii x Pierre Bertaux
21 Dresslerella lasiocampa
22 Lycaste Bradeorum
23 Lepanthes felis
24 Phragmipedium
25 Bulbophyllum Tonya Jacobs
26 Paphiopedilum Maudiae 'Black Jack'
27 Coelogyne
28 Phragmipedium
29 Pleione Ueli Wackernagel 'Pearl'
30 Cypripedium Victoria
31 Dendrobium tobaensis
32 Paphiopedilum Wossner Black Wings
33 Cypripedium
34 Lepanthes pubescens
35 Cymbidium Pure Lamb
36 Epidendrum
37 Paphiopedilum Julius
38 Orchid
39 Coelogyne papilosa
40 Lepanthes felis
41 Orchid
42 Common spotted orchid
43 Fly orchid (Ophrys insectifera)
44 Pleurothallis
45 Broad leaved helleborine
46 Vanda
47 Bulbophyllum sp
48 Bulbophyllum Tonya Jacobs
49 Vanda Su-fun Beauty
50 Lycaste Peter Sander
51 Phragmipedium Memoria Dick Clements
52 Encyclia Alata
53 Bletilla striata 'Soryu'
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Class 2 - Wild orchid photography

01 Anacamptis pyramidalis
02 Orchis purpurea
03 "Wild orchid in my garden"
04 Wild orchid, Wales
05 Wild orchid, Wales
06 Lady slipper
07 Early purple orchid
08 Early purple orchid
09 Cypripedium macranthos
10 Neottia nidus-avis, Lithuania
11 Cypripedium flavum
12 Lady slipper in situ
13 Common spotted orchids
14 Bee orchid, Majorca
15 Cypripedium calceolus, Lithuania
16 Pyramid orchid
17 Dactylorhiza fuchsii
18 Platanthera bifolia, Lithuania
19 Bulbophyllum spathulatum, Laos
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Class 3 - Orchid display photography

01 Botanic garden
02 OSGB Spring Show 2020
03 OSGB Spring Show 2020
04 National orchid garden, Singapore
05 Phalaenopsis display
06 Eric Young Paphiopedilum display
07 OSGB Spring Show 2020
08 RHS London Show 2017
09 Chelsea Flower Show 2013
10 Chelsea Flower Show 2013
11 Botanic garden
12 Bournemouth OS Show 2019
13 OSGB Spring Show 2020
14 Dendrobium speciosum display
15 OSGB Spring Show 2020
16 Botanic garden, Phalaenopsis tower
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Class 4 - Art - traditional and digital drawings 

01 Maxillaria tenuifolia, watercolour
02 Paphiopedilum insigne, oils on silk
03 Dendrobium nobile, pencil drawing
04 Phalaenopsis Brother Stripes, pen ink
05 Paphiopedilum sukhakulii, pencil drawing, drawing
06 Yellow phalaenopsis, watercolour
07 Telipogon ariasii, pencil drawing
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Class 5 - Art - other 

01 "Death in chocolate", portrait art
02 Orchid, photo manipulation
03 Miltonia orchid, photo manipulation
04 Slipper orchid, photo manipulation
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Digital entries only, sent by OSGB Members to by the 20th of November.


  1. Classes 1 - 5 are open to amateur OSGB Members. Members who have sold any of their previous work of the type they are exhibiting should place these entries in classes 6 - 7

  2. The same photograph cannot be entered in more than one class

  3. Entries from the previous years of the competition cannot be submitted again

  4. Maximum 3 photographs per member in classes 1 - 3 and 6 each

  5. Maximum 5 entries in class 4 - 5 and 7 each

  6. Photographs can only be digitally enhanced by the exhibitor.

  7. We will hold a poll based online voting to pick the best 3 entries in each category

  8. The best entries will be voted for during the OSGB Christmas Meeting

  9. The winner of the OSGB Photographic Trophy will be voted by a show of hands after individual categories winners have been picked (only the photography classes)

  10. It is allowed for the photographs depicting plants grown by members to submit them into The Monthly Table Show (if the picture was taken within the last month or so)


  1. Photograph of an orchid plant, flower, or part of thereof (the plant doesn't have to be grown by the photographer)

  2. Photograph of an orchid(s) taken in the wild showing some natural habitat

  3. Photograph of an exhibit or display of orchids at a show, nursery or botanic garden

  4. A traditional or digital painting of any kind featuring orchids (scans/photographs to be sent if traditional)

  5. Any other form of art featuring orchids ( ie needlework, pottery, cake decoration, flower arrangement etc)

  6. Photographs of an orchid taken by a member who has previously sold any of their work

  7. Any other form of art featuring orchids made by a person who has previously sold any of their work of the type they are exhibiting

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