Photography and Art Competition Results

The overall winner of the OSGB Photography Trophy 2020

Dresslerella lasiocampa

photographed by Alexander Koper 

Dresslerella lasiocampa found growing in high elevations of Peru and Ecuador (1500 - 1800m) is another example of a lovely cool growing miniature plant found in these regions.

The genus was named after the prominent investigator of orchids, Robert Dressler.

The flower is only about 1cm big, growing out of basal sheaths. Blooming usually in spring. 

The overall winner of the Art classes

"Death in Chocolate"

by Pearl Jenny Thomson

A creative arrangement of dead anguloa flowers.

The finalist photographs in classes 1 - 3

01 Dresslerella lasiocampa
02 Lepanthes felis
03 Anacamptis pyramidalis
04 RHS London Show 2017
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The finalist art in classes 4 & 5

01 Paphiopedilum sukhakulii, pencil drawing
02 "Death in Chocolate", portrait art
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Results of the final vote during the Christmas meeting

Winners of the individual categories

Class 1A - Orchid photography

1st Dresslerella lasiocampa - Alexander Koper
2nd Lepanthes felis - Diana Petrokaite
3rd Trisetella hoeijeri - Diana Petrokaite
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Class 1B - Orchid photography

1st Lepanthes felis - Alexander Koper
2nd Cypripedium Victoria - Stuart Meeson
2nd Dendrobium tabaensis - Diana Petrokaite
3rd Paph Wossner Black Wings - Emi Kostyuk
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Class 2 - Wild orchids in natural habitat

1st Anacamptis pyramidalis - Stuart Meeson
2nd Cypripedium calceolus - Diana Petrokaite
3rd Neonettia nidus-avis - Diana Petrokaite
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Class 3 - Orchid display

1st RHS London Show 2017 - Diana Petrokaite
2nd Botanic garden - Stuart Meeson
3rd OSGB Spring Show 2020 - Julia Tchoudinova
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Class 4 - Traditional and digital drawings

1st Paphiopedilum sukhakulii - Diana Petrokaite
pencil drawing
2nd Telipogon ariasii - Mayumi Hashi
pencil drawing
3rd Phal Brother Stripes - Stuart Meeson
ink drawing
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Class 5 - Art - other

1st "Death in Chocolate" - Pearl Jenny Thomson
portrait art
2nd Photo manipulation - Julia Tchoudinova
3rd Photo manipulation - Julia Tchoudinova
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