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Dr. Helen Millner



Get to know me

I have been growing orchids for over thirty years now (and that’s terrifying!), and have been a member of the OSGB for about seventeen years. For the last twenty years or so Dave and I have put on numerous orchid displays at all types of shows and all over the country, including Chelsea, Chatsworth, the London Orchid Show and in addition in Germany and South Africa.

After retiring, I returned to University to undertake orchid research - in particular Restrepia pollination biology for which I eventually gained a doctorate. I grow mainly Pleurothallids which are

my main love.

My hope is that I will be able to help and encourage people, and to share the enormous and endless fascination that orchids have had for me. In particular, the mystery of the minute and microscopic side of orchids and how they help to reveal the fascinating facts of orchid biology.

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