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Laurence Baghdadi

Librarian (journal archives and antiques)


Get to know me

Having spent my childhood in the Far East, orchids have always been part of my life.
They continued to be, during my 30 years in the Middle East : my first greenhouse in Lebanon and all those lovely “weeds” in Cyprus - terrestrial orchids were very common!
In the UK, I “rescued” a shrivelled leftover Vanda from an exhibition and that was a new beginning for me : here it is at it’s most promising and exciting stage - and it has bloomed several times since.
If I’m not watching the roots grow, I can never read enough articles, admire enough photos and “travel” thanks to the wonderful variety of the Orchid family ( including making so many new friends).
My other passion would be hoyas - also a very large and diverse family. (They have certainly made me an expert mealybugs hunter!)

I feel very privileged to be able to give a home to the Journals and Antique books for some time.

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