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Michael Radley

Programme Secretary


Get to know me

Along with Gill my wife, I have been growing orchids for 32 years and been a member of the OSGB for a number of those. Over that time my collection has changed and I am currently interested in South American orchids. I have always preferred species to hybrids and like to acquire small plants grow on. My 17 x 10ft greenhouse is full of plants and available space is constantly shrinking. Luckily my latest interest in miniature orchids means more plants can still be accommodated. I have been an accredited judge for 20 years and took part in the Singapore World Orchid Conference in 2011. Recently I have started giving talks on orchid culture to gardening clubs and now have a number of presentations I that I give to local orchid societies. I am an active member of Lea Valley Orchid Society and hold a number of positions on their committee. I have designed and staged many displays at the RHS, all receiving medals. Over countless years I have fended off Henry Oakeley’s advances to join the OSGB committee but in a moment of weakness succumbed. The position on the council will be a challenge, but an enjoyable one with an opportunity to broaden my acquaintances, as I look for experts in their field who are able to deliver a good presentation.

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