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Photography and Art Competition 2021

Below you can see all photographs and art sent this year. Please use the polls below each category to cast your votes. The voting will close on the 30th of November and the finalist will be picked during the Christmas zoom meeting.

This year again the classes have been shortened to 4 only due to the number of submissions. 

Class 1 - Orchid photography

Class 2 - Wild orchid photography

Class 3 - Orchid display photography

Class 4 - Art - traditional and digital drawings 


Digital entries only, sent by OSGB Members to by the 20th of November.


  1. Classes 1 - 5 are open to amateur OSGB Members. Members who have sold any of their previous work of the type they are exhibiting should place these entries in classes 6 - 7

  2. The same photograph cannot be entered in more than one class

  3. Entries from the previous years of the competition cannot be submitted again

  4. Maximum 3 photographs per member in classes 1 - 3 and 6 each

  5. Maximum 5 entries in class 4 - 5 and 7 each

  6. Photographs can only be digitally enhanced by the exhibitor.

  7. We will hold a poll based online voting to pick the best 3 entries in each category

  8. The best entries will be voted for during the OSGB Christmas Meeting

  9. The winner of the OSGB Photographic Trophy will be voted by a show of hands after individual categories winners have been picked (only the photography classes)

  10. It is allowed for the photographs depicting plants grown by members to submit them into The Monthly Table Show (if the picture was taken within the last month or so)


  1. Photograph of an orchid plant, flower, or part of thereof (the plant doesn't have to be grown by the photographer)

  2. Photograph of an orchid(s) taken in the wild showing some natural habitat

  3. Photograph of an exhibit or display of orchids at a show, nursery or botanic garden

  4. A traditional or digital painting of any kind featuring orchids (scans/photographs to be sent if traditional)

  5. Any other form of art featuring orchids ( ie needlework, pottery, cake decoration, flower arrangement etc)

  6. Photographs of an orchid taken by a member who has previously sold any of their work

  7. Any other form of art featuring orchids made by a person who has previously sold any of their work of the type they are exhibiting

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