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New Members’ Day - Saturday 3rd August 2019

This event, which is free to all new members (though guests are very welcome to join at a cost of £10), will be held at Napier Hall and begins at 10:00AM with registration, coffee, and snacks.

Please contact Sue Johnson to book your attendance

Programme for the day:

10:30  Introduction to orchids

11:00  Presentation and guide of repotting a phalaenopsis

11:00  Practical hands-on repotting session

12:30  Lunch break

13:30  Doors open for the regular OSGB monthly meeting

14:30  Afternoon Speaker – Michael Radley “Orchid Treks in Costa Rica”

If you enjoy cooking or baking you are most welcome to bring a little treat to impress your fellow new members.

 Please, just remember to bring ingredients list with you to be able to give allergy advice in case it's needed.

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