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Results of Aprils Table Show

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Dear all,

Many thanks for all the admissions. For the list of all awarded plants see below (the full list of plants with pictures will be here)

You can now start collecting pictures of your plant's for next months Table Show. Please keep sending them (up to 4 pictures - clearly labelled, with a picture of the blooms and the whole plant) to

Many thanks for all the work and time our lovely Judges put in this to review all the plants.

Stay safe and happy growing!

Awarded plants by categories:

1-Leptotes bicolor (Laurence Baghdadi) 1st place

1-Epidendrum stamfordianum (Zane Rappa) 2nd place

2-Cattleya Aqui-Finn (Anthony Britton) 1st place 2-Rhyncattleanthe Afternoon delight 'Magnetism' (Anthony Britton) 2nd place 2-Rhyncholaeliocattleya Gentle Touch (Anthony Britton) 3rd place

4-Cymbidium Dorothy Stockstill 'Forgotten Fruit' (Zane Rappa) 1st place

5-Dendrobium nobile 'Msume' (Alex Scott) 1st place

5-Dendrobium heterocarpum (Francis Quesada Pallares) 2nd place

5-Dendrobium scorianum (Kevin Stewart) 3rd place

6-Dendrobium hybrid (David Martin) 1st place 6-Dendrobium Ainsworthii (Gillian Radley) 2nd place 7-Oncidium unguiculatum (Michael radley) 1st place

8-Miltoniopsis Place Marche (Bryan Adams) 1st place 8-Brassia Arania Verde (Colin Thorburn) 2nd place 8-Miltoniopsis Lilian Nakamoto 'Tanto' (Paul Knight) 3rd place

10-Paphiopedilum Pinocchio (Mary-Jane Hawkins) 1st place 10-paphiopedilum hybrid (Zane Rappa) 2nd place

13-Phalaenopsis aphrodite subsp formosana (David Martin) 1st place

14-Phalaenopsis hybrid white(Henry Oakeley) 1st place 14-Phalaenopsis hybrid cream(Henry Oakeley) 2nd place

14-Phalaenopsis hybrid (Zane Rappa) 3rd place

15-Sarcochilus hartmannii (Laurence Baghdadi) 1st place

15-Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii (Laurence Baghdadi) 2nd place 15-Papilionanthe vandarum (Laurence Baghdadi) 3rd place

16-Renanthopsis Mildred Jameson 'Bonsall' HCC-AOS (Stan Taylor) 1st place 16-Renanthera Amayani (Stan Taylor) 2nd place

17-Masdvallia coccinea 'Dwarf Pink' (Paul Knight) 1st place 17-Masdevallia falcata 'Gold Digger' (Paul Knight) 2nd place 17-Pabstiella tripterantha (Marcin Kulinski) 3rd place

18-Masdevallia equestris x M.Gilberts Triangle (Stan Taylor) 1st place 18-Masdevallia Carnival 'Jester' (Paul Knight) 2nd place 18-Masdevallia Super Nova ‘Beenak’ (Paul Knight) 3rd place 19-Maxillaria variabilis (Stan Taylor) 1st place 19-Ornithocephalus suarezii (Bryan Adams) 2nd place

22-Pleione formosana (Gillian Radley) 1st place 22-Pleione grandiflora (Stuart Meeson) 2nd place 22-Sobralia leucoxantha (Henry Oakeley) 3rd place

23-Anguloa Helen (Henry Oakeley) 1st place 23-Anguloa Rollinerie (Henry Oakeley) 2nd place

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1 comentario

I would like to point out that the Cymbidium shown in the April Table Show and listed as Cym. Forgotten Fruits is in fact Cym. Dorothy Stockstill 'Forgotten Fruit'. There is no Cym. Forgotten Fruits registered with the R.H.S.

Me gusta
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