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Urgent - OSGB Auction now postponed

It's with deep regret that we have decided to postpone the OSGB Orchid Auction that was due to be held on Saturday 8th January 2022.

We understand that some members will be disappointed, but the majority of the committee believe this is the right course of action, given that a large number of our members have informed us that they would not be attending due to the situation with Covid, and associated problems with public transport, etc.

We are planning to hold a large orchid auction later this year.

We will announce the date on Facebook, and on our website, as soon as all the arrangements have been finalised.

We wish you a happy new year and hope to see you at our next zoom talk.

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2 comentarios

Could we do a video online auction where people describe the orchids that they have up for auction?

Me gusta

good decision , very appropriate

Me gusta
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