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Once again we have met in Napier Hall this December to have a little Christmas celebration and a photo competition. Sincere thanks to the whole committee for organising a successful event.

There was an abundance of festive food and mulled wine for everyone to enjoy.

Sally Mill gave a brief presentation about the upcoming trip to Ecuador organised by the OSGB. Mary-Jane Hawkins kept the entertainment going with an orchid quiz provided by Michael Radley, which members greatly enjoyed.

This year Erika Alexovics took charge of the photographic and art competition and rose to the challenge outstandingly. It seems that this competition is getting more and more popular every year; there were 33 entries in eight different classes. Julia Tchoudinova won the overall photographic competition for the second year running with her photograph of Acianthera polystachya (picture below)

This years winner Julia Tchoudinova in the picture with Erika Alexovics

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Now that we know we are leaving the EU

(please keep in mind this information keeps changing as DEFRA makes decisions)

CITES permits are required from the exporting country and from the UK (give name and address) to import orchids from outside the EU to UK and currently the UK ones cost about £75 per genus. Exporting country CITES vary in cost and the exporter will normally arrange this. At the moment plants from the EU can come to the UK without any CITES permits.(currently until the end of 2020)

When we leave the EU all orchids from outside UK will need export CITES permits including from the EU and elsewhere as well as import permits from the UK.

See the full list on

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This event, which is free to all new members (though guests are very welcome to join at a cost of £10), will be held at Napier Hall and begins at 10:00AM with registration, coffee, and snacks.

Please contact Sue Johnson to book your attendance

Programme for the day:

10:30  Introduction to orchids

11:00  Presentation and guide of repotting a phalaenopsis

11:00  Practical hands-on repotting session

12:30  Lunch break

13:30  Doors open for the regular OSGB monthly meeting

14:30  Afternoon Speaker – Michael Radley “Orchid Treks in Costa Rica”

If you enjoy cooking or baking you are most welcome to bring a little treat to impress your fellow new members.

 Please, just remember to bring ingredients list with you to be able to give allergy advice in case it's needed.

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