Dear all,

the November Table Show results are published now at the corresponding page.

We have also decided during the last committee meeting that we won't be holding the Online Table Show in December. We will put together December and January into one show. All of the pictures sent to me already will be uploaded at the beginning of January. Please keep sending me pictures whenever it's convenient for you though.

Voting for the best pictures sent for the Annual OSGB Photographic Competition will start tomorrow so stay tuned for the details.

We have also received a member-wide invitation to join a zoom talk by Professor Andy Jones from East Anglia speaking about growing orchids under artificial lights.

The talk will take place on the 28th of November, please email for the zoom link.

A little reminder to mention, everyone is always welcome to get involved, we are looking forward to seeing new articles for The Journal, ideas for the website etc

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Dear all,

The Table Show results for the October are now published on the corresponding page.

The next zoom OSGB lecture by Mark from Elite Orchids will be held on the 7th of November at 11:00AM BST. The zoom link will be provided closer to the date.

Please also remember this years Annual OSGB Photographic Competition will be held online. Please send your entries to me by the 14th of November ( )

We will then publish all the entries and hold an online judging open until the day before OSGB Online Christmas Party (which is on the 5th of December) and pick the final winners during the meeting.

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Join international experts on 13 – 15 October 2020 to discuss actions for protecting and sustainably using the world’s plant and fungal biodiversity for the benefit of people and the planet.

Further details and how to register can be found at Kew's website CLICKING HERE

Planned programme:

Session 1 – Collections

Why are they important for averting biodiversity loss? What should we do to help them evolve to enable us to address future challenges?

Session 2 – Biodiversity loss

What is driving the extinction rates?

Session 3 – Plant and fungal uses

How can we maximise the use of plant and fungal diversity to meet global challenges?

Session 4 – Genomics

How do we embrace novel approaches to studying plant and fungal biodiversity?

Session 5 – Commercialisation

How do we optimise the economic benefits of plant and fungal biodiversity in recognition of different stakeholders’ needs?

Session 6 – Policies

How can we work globally to respect and enable Access and Benefit Sharing and CITES regulations, while increasing the diversity of plants and fungi being studied?

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